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Learning Go programming language

- Mar 28, 2020

It is March 2020, the world have gone into lockdown mode due to the infamous coronavirus pandemia.

Installing rbenv and ruby on Raspberry Pi

- Jan 30, 2020

Update 2020-06-17: For raspbian lite do the following steps prior to install rbenv/Ruby

Reconfigure rJava to use the appropriate JVM

- Jan 18, 2020

In the last few days I have been moving posts from old blogs to here and in the process of updating some of the articles I have come across some interesting issues.

Cluster Analysis 101

- Jan 17, 2020

Cluster analysis is the art of mathematically split objects into groups or clusters whose members are similar in some way and dissimilar to objects belonging to other groups.

Multiple Namespaces with ActiveAdmin

- Jun 14, 2019

Active Admin is a Ruby on Rails gem for building administrative interfaces.

SAS Macros - The Python way

- Dec 7, 2018

SAS has a powerful programming feature called Macros which allows us to avoid repetitive sections of code and to use them again and again when needed.

Gentle introduction to SASpy

- Dec 5, 2018

SASPy is an interface to SAS that automatically generates SAS code from your Python 3.

Reading large SAS datasets in Python

- Dec 4, 2018

General speaking there are 2 approaches to reading large SAS datasets in python (that I know of!

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