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Describing Data with Statistics in Go

- May 22, 2020

In this post I’ll use Go to explore basic statistical measures of central tendency: average, median, mode and a measure of dispersion: the range.

Cross Validation in SAS

- May 15, 2020

Cross Validation Cross validation is a model evaluation method that is better than residuals.

Getting rid of those pesky .DS_Store

- May 13, 2020

.DS_Store are files that you would normally not see when using Finder.


- May 13, 2020

All these documentation is available at https://postgresapp.

Using Go in Jupyter Notebooks

- May 8, 2020

I know I am late to the party but I just came across this awesome project GopherNotes which let you run Go code in Jupyter notebooks.

Converting Northing and Easting to Latitude and Longitude

- May 2, 2020

I am in the epic task of resurrecting very old posts and this is one I wrote probably 8 years ago and I think it is worth having at hand for future generations ;-)

Golang resources and tricks

- Apr 26, 2020

It has been almost a month since I started learning the Go programming language.

Using Blogdown to blog about Golang

- Mar 29, 2020

For those of you interested I am blogging about Go using the R blogdown package.

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