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Cross Validation in SAS

- May 15, 2020

Cross Validation Cross validation is a model evaluation method that is better than residuals.

SAS Macros - The Python way

- Dec 7, 2018

SAS has a powerful programming feature called Macros which allows us to avoid repetitive sections of code and to use them again and again when needed.

Gentle introduction to SASpy

- Dec 5, 2018

SASPy is an interface to SAS that automatically generates SAS code from your Python 3.

Reading large SAS datasets in Python

- Dec 4, 2018

General speaking there are 2 approaches to reading large SAS datasets in python (that I know of!

Beware when using Proc Copy with Pandas

- Nov 28, 2018

Imaging the following scenario:

Read SAS datasets in Python

- Nov 27, 2018

This is the 1st post of a series of posts regarding to SAS & Python.

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