From Dull manual Excel Reports to Awesome Automated Dashboards

I was recently engaged in a project with a new client in Spain. They are a small digital media agency with a decent size customer portfolio providing a wide range of services such as Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Search Marketing (Organic/Paid/Auto), Marketing Campaigns, Digital Design and Web and Mobile Development.

As result of growing up their customer portolio my client was facing a real challenge producing accurate and timing BI reports for all clients with metrics such as SEO, Marketing Campaign, Customer Profile & Behaviour among others.

They were spending 2.5 FTE (roughly €50k a year) in generating 60-75 reports a month with an addition of 25 reports at the end of each quarter. All reports were generated in spreadsheets which led to:

Here is a sample of initial standard report:


After I carefully carried out a process and system analysis I proposed a new model for the extraction of raw data (ETL) and the generation of reports (BI).

The new system will deliver:

Here is how the new dashboard looks like:


This interactivity was well received by their customers!


Going forward I have agreed with my client to managed service this process for them for a monthly subscription. The main benefits of this model are:

For media agencies to maintain their relevance in a changing world, they need to step up their data management capabilities. They must demonstrate to clients their expertise in collecting, analysing and executing strategies using data more efficiently and effectively than clients can do inhouse.

This means gaining a comprehensive overview of campaigns across platforms and channels. Agencies excel when they can demonstrate with hard evidence how they are helping clients improve their business using data to inform everything from ROI to campaign effectiveness and audience engagement.

Are you a Digital Agency?

Feel free to reach out if you think this managed service model can leverage your BI/Data Science capabilities.


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