Learning Go programming language

It is March 2020, the world have gone into lockdown mode due to the infamous coronavirus pandemia. I have been in self-isolation for about 3 weeks now and whilst I have been doing a lot to keep myself and family busy and entertained I feel I haven’t done much on the learning pathways.

So I have decided to learn a new programming language, in this case the Go progamming language.

Why Go?

Over the last few years I have worked with a number of languages that are either similar in approach (OOP) like python and ruby or data analysis focused such as SAS, SQL and R so I decided to pick a language with a different philosophy.

I did an extensive research on other languages such as Scala and Rust and whilst these are really powerful languages I felt Go would better suit my needs.

So far…

Until now I have done:

Installation and Setup

I have installed Go v1.14 for MacOs using the official installer. I could have used homebrew but then needed to do some extra configurations so decided to not make that extra effort for now.

I also setup VScode with the Go extension here


I purchased a couple of courses on sale but sadly had to request full refund for both due to:

A Tour of Go

I highly recommend doing “A Tour of Go” if you are already familiar with other programming languages. It may take you a day or so to grasp most concepts (except concurrency).

In fact, it has an interactive playground so you can give it a go prior to any installation and setup.

It was a trip to memory lane, a familiar landscape I had forgot. It reminded me of the 90’s when I started learning Pascal and C which I then traded later on for PHP and then SQL and SAS.

So far… happy with my choice.

I will keep posting my progress and sharing my experience.

Until my next post…. stay safe!


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